Are you the proud owner of a Mazda vehicle in the Baltimore or Silver Spring area? If so, you likely appreciate the reliability and driving experience that your ride delivers. In order to continue to enjoy that, it is important to ensure the proper service is done on a routine basis. And our team at Ourisman Mazda is ready to help with that.

Searching for a Mazda Oil Change?

At Ourisman Mazda, we understand the importance of keeping your vehicle healthy. It is for that reason that we are excited to offer a Mazda service center to our Hyattsville and Pasadena, MD customers. That way, you know your Mazda is getting the attention it deserves. Especially if you are in need of an oil change appointment. We are also ready to answer your frequently asked oil change questions:

  • When Should You Change the Oil in Your Mazda?
    Oil change frequency depends on your specific model. And we encourage you to consult with your owner's manual to determine when you should get an oil change. Generally speaking, changing your oil every 5,000 miles is a good idea.
  • Why Schedule an Oil Change at the Dealership?
    When you service your Mazda at a Mazda service center, you will know the job is being done properly. Mazda service technicians understand the complexity of your vehicle. Giving you peace of mind as your oil is changed.
  • Why Are Oil Changes Important?
    Oil is the lifeblood of your engine. It helps ensure things run smoothly. Over time, the oil because less effective due to debris and other build-up. And when this happens, it is time to schedule a service appointment for an oil change.
  • Why Service at Ourisman Mazda?
    At Ourisman Mazda, we take your needs seriously. Which is why many Columbia, MD and Laurel, MD drivers opt to service at our store. With offerings like Ourisman To Go, you will find servicing at our dealership is an easy process.
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